I haven’t written my book or screenplay in over a month!

Good evening, readers! 


Today, I was off work and have been thinking about why I haven’t worked on any of my projects in over a month! I feel so bad. I am unable to focus on them right now due to work. School isn’t so bad, but work is a mess. I’m working crazy unstable hours with the worst pay ever. I know I complain about work a lot, but I am looking for a better job. My body has suffered a lot due to this job. My feet hurt all the time and now are swollen after a shift. Anyway, back to the writing. I think I really haven’t been in the mood to write and that’s okay. But, I want to get back at it. With work, school, doing PR for my 2 clients, and my internship, there is never any time. When I’m off work, I just relax, catch up on some shows or read my book.

What have you guys been up to? 

reading 5

Let’s talk about it in the comments. What has been going on with you lately? Are you writing? Reading a good book, do tell. Inquiring minds want to know. To my new subscribers, thank you SO much for subscribing to my blog! I get so excited when I get an email from someone who is following my blog. Writers, do you ever find yourself thinking of new things to write about? I have been thinking about that lately and I swear, my ideas (to me) are starting to suck. LOL… Seriously, I have a movie idea that I started, but I can’t get it right for some reason. Honestly, I think I have shut down because nothing has become of what I have already written. Sure, I won a screenwriting competition, but no producers, directors, or anyone has inquired about it. I have pitched to some people, sent query letters and nothing. Well, at least nothing yet. I hope something changes for the good. I don’t know. What do you think?


Don’t Let Anyone Take Advantage Of You

Good evening, readers! 

Good evening

I come to you this evening with a little ticked off mind, lol. I’m not really ticked off, but I just had to blog about this.  Although I wrote and I am a writer, I am doing two internships for great companies. My issue isn’t the companies or my bosses. I love the work and the experience that I do. A man that is incorporated with one of the companies ( not me personally) asked me to do an interview on his client. I said, ” Sure, I have the time.”  It happened and was a success. But, wait there’s more! He didn’t consult my boss nor ask him if it was okay for me to interview his client. I didn’t know this until after the fact. This of course made me mad only because I’m technically the intern of another company and not his, nor am I his employee. A few weeks went by and everything was cool. Then he emails me to do another interview for yet, another client. I said okay. A week later that person is unable to interview with me for whatever reason. Then all of a sudden, he had another person to fill his spot! Whoa! Wait, a minute. Do NOT pass, Go, Do not collect that $200 dollars. As soon as I saw he had another client to take the place of the one that couldn’t do it, I drew the line.

I saw Red… 


It quickly hit me that he was trying to take advantage of me. Knowing that I don’t work for him, nor am I his intern, you are trying to get free press for your clients. I had to turn it down. I was always taught that if you can’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. I talked to my boss about it and he agreed with my reasoning. I emailed the guy and told him in a polite way that I couldn’t do it and why. He apologized and then wanted to compensate me to still do the interview. The thought was temping, but I can’t go out like that. Then I was thinking, ” How can I capitalize on this to work in my favor?” My internship ends in October.  I was thinking he could hire me to do the interviews and I could make extra money. Maybe pay me so much per week to do interviews and press kits or something. But, I’m not sure. I’m not even feeling him anymore because of his back door approach to me, you know?  Hmm, Decisions, decisions. I am just going to leave that be only because if he can do back door stuff to ” get” me, ain’t no telling what other tricks are up his sleeve. I’m flattered that he likes my work that much to now want to pay me, but it makes me wonder is it that he admires my work or is he desperate?

PhD Life

Good afternoon readers! 

poor_time_managementThis is actually how I feel right now. I’m exhausted. I only got up to eat breakfast because it was like 11:00 am and I knew I had to eat to take my medicine for this ear infection. My head still hurts, so I have no clue what else to do about that! But, I got up, ate my breakfast, went and ordered a sub for lunch, then I went back to sleep! I know right? But, it is raining, so I’m enjoying the sleep. the day off and my quiet time! It’s always quiet in my room, but you get what I’m saying, right? So, let’s talk about PhD life thus far!

PhD Life…


This picture is really funny! Anyway, PhD life is going great so far! I am working ahead, but enjoying the reading and discussion boards. The homework assignments are not crucial (yet), but I am only taking one class this quarter. I’m talking Foundations for Graduate Study in Psychology. So far, I am loving it! This class has 12 weeks and I’m already working on Week 5. I love to work ahead, because I don’t know what hours they will have me working at this job. I am enjoying the reading and getting to talk to my classmates via online. They seem to be some cool people. I think I’m the youngest in my class though, lol. Which is fine, by me. Being a PhD student is good for now. I know that there will be some challenging class ahead of me. I’m enjoying the easy part of it now. But, then again, with me being a writer is really helping me with this process. The teacher wants 1 page and I go over it every time lol. This professor says that she wants quality work and does not care about the page length. Works for me! This process is an enjoyable one. I must admit, I am not looking forward to the challenging classes, and late nights studying! Welcome to PhD life, a place where stress is normal, papers are harder, and learning is 24/7! LOL…..Ha!

Tell me readers, how was your week? What are your plans for this weekend?


Oh, I’m still reading this book:


It’s really good. I’m on part two. I think I’m reading it slowly for a reason. I’m suppose to absorb and marinate on each chapter. I will tell you, this book is making me thinking a lot about my way of thinking and life. I suggest everyone get their copy!!

Working Like A Slave!

Good morning, readers! 

Good morning

I have been working like crazy. When I say working like a slave, I really mean just working a lot. PLEASE don’t take offense to the saying. Still in my search of looking for another job, I am still working in retail. I had to call out of work on Monday because I had the worst headache and I had a bump behind my ear, toward my neck! Yikes! I did not know what it was, but it hurt like hell. My parents trying to scare the living daylights out of me telling me, it was cancer or a cyst that has to be burned. I was terrified, that I was afraid to go to the doctor’s office. 

I get to the doctor’s office and not only have I gained more weight, but the bump behind my ear is an ear infection. Whoa! I had never had one of them before (at least I don’t remember) so I was shocked. Yep. Now I am on antibiotics and I am to drink more fluids. I even had a fever as well. I still feel warm, but I have to go to work today. Boo!!! LOL….My job would not be so bad if my feet didn’t hurt me all the time. I even bought Dr. Scholls inserts and they STILL feel like I am wearing nothing. It makes me mad because I bought two new pair of sneakers and they still hurt my feet. Now, what? My doctor wants to send me to a foot doctor to get some special shoes. We are also talking about getting weight loss surgery or another breast reduction. Yes, I said another. They grew back after 12 years to be even bigger. SMH…I’m so annoyed because I felt like I wasted my money.  

About school…


School is going great! I got a 100 on my first assignment and the discussion board. So far, this class is not a challenge to me. I am even working ahead. Right now, I have my last assignment to do for week 5, even though the class is in week 2. I love learning and reading up on everything now. Sadly, the only writing that I have been doing is writing papers. I have not been able to write for me in a long time. I have a screenplay and book that I need to complete. But, when I get another job, one with set hours and a better income, I will make a writing schedule. Hopefully, that will be sooner than later. Other than that, I am fine, I am somewhat well, and I’m just ready to move forward to the endless opportunities and possibilities. How have you guys been? My email is filled with about 100 or so more blogs that I am subscribed to. I promise that I will get to each one of them in time. It’s just with work and school, blogging and reading blogs takes a back seat. I’m sorry. I will do better! 

A Writer With Something To Say

Good morning readers, 

Good am

I was reading a blog by my previous professor and she talked about how she matured as a writer. It really got me thinking. You see, all my life, I had wanted to be accepted by others and in the ” in” crowd. Once I got of age, I realized that it was okay to look different, act different, and enjoy different things than what other people liked. I was/am creative. I am an individual. When I started to really get serious about being a writer, I now notice that I had been writing for the wrong reasons. I was writing to belong. I wanted to be that best-selling author, and sell that great screenplay. It hasn’t happened yet, and I am now okay with that. But, the fact that I saw I was being immature as a writer, I had to think of the bigger picture.


The bigger picture that it’s okay to not be the best-selling author, but achieving my goal to even write a book was more rewarding and gratifying then making it at the top. Don’t get me wrong, being successful by making it at the top, is great too. But, I often felt like failure because it wasn’t being done to me. I read articles all the time about people getting instant success with their writing by doing the SAME exact thing as I, and yet, I can’t budge or get a mention. LOL…I know it sounds silly, but I was really bothered by not being the best at…well, everything. I think that we as writers always start off with ” Oh, I’m going to win this and get this great agent and do that” when in reality–the opposite occurs. We put so much on ourselves that we miss out on the joy of just being a writer. Writing for ourselves first and then our readers. No one else knows our thoughts, dreams, fears, hopes, or desires first expect us. We decided when the world gets to see our short comings and celebrations. ( We rave more about the celebrations than the short comings). I totally get it.


I guess this post is to encourage all writers, myself included, and let you know, it’s okay to just be a wrier. Write for you before you decide to share it with the world. Make goals to achieve things and really embrace each journey. When you have writer’s block, embrace it, but when it’s over you will be so busy tapping the keys, it will feel like you never had it. Embrace that review you got whether it was a 5 star or a 2 star. Think of it as, “someone new who I don’t even know, has read my work.” I used to always think that I had something to prove. I didn’t have to be proving it to family, friends, but to myself. I thought I had to show myself that was a great writer, a great student, a great friend, even a great relative. The pressure is real! To want people to see you are your best always is exhausting! I now see that was immature of me to think I had to look like I had it all together. For the most part, I do, but there are days when I think, ” Why am I writing or doing this?” Of course I don’t know the answer, but I can not stop writing or doing the task at hand.  Now, at the age of 29, turning 30 in December, I have accomplished  A LOT and I am thankful for that success, but I have also had some tough times with writing, life, etc. But, I am not letting that negative thinking to get in the way of what I want to achieve in the present. After all, they call it the present, because it’s a gift, right?



Last Day of Summer

Good morning, readers! 

Good morning

I can’t believe that today is the last of summer. My summer went okay. I didn’t leave the state or go to beach. Luckily, beaches don’t move, so I will have a chance to go there next year. As I am reflecting on my life today, I notice that I have done some pretty great things! I know it may seem that I complain a lot, but I guess I just expecting to be in a different place at this time in my life. I’m turning 30 in December and yet, I’m like, ” Where has the time gone? I thought I would be doing more or have done more in my life by now?” When I was 18, I had a plan. My plan was to go to college ( I did), meet the man of my dreams, get married, have kids and have a successful career. Those are all still works in progress. I look at my friends that I went to high school with and see that most of them have achieved this and more.  Now, don’t get me wrong, being married and having kids is not the way to be happy with yourself. Not that I’m not happy with me, I just thought my life would be better than what it is. I’m living with my dad, working a job that I tolerate with the same pay I was making when I was 16. I’m slowly reaching my boiling point. But, I am grateful to have a roof over my head even if it isn’t mine, now able to pay my cell phone bill, and I can write. I haven’t been writing since working in retail, because retail in a pain in the ass! Yes, I said it. My feet constantly hurts, and I just bought new shoes. Through it all, I smile and realize that my life turned out this way for a reason. It will get greater, later. I don’t think that anyone’s life goes according to their plan that they had set for them. I mean, I didn’t even plan to EVER go to college, but I’m now going to school for my PhD. Who knew?

My reading in progress 


This book is really good so far. I’m on page 30 thus far and yet I can relate to the boy that is talked about in this book. Without giving any spoilers, I will say that the boy is going on a journey and he must decide his own fate with some obstacles that come in the way. Doesn’t that sound like us? For every decision that we make in life, it will either benefit us or make us learn a lesson. I don’t think that anyone is perfect, no matter what they may claim to be. Life is just a merry go around that will keep spinning whether you decide to get off of it or stay on it. Cool analogy, huh? As writers, we have to decide if we are getting off or staying on. If we get off, we can always get back on it another time and if we stay on, we have to keep writing, keep getting rejection, get accepted, and prosper. Whatever is going to happen, is what it will be. We can’t worry about things that are out of control, nor can we wait for that moment in our life to truly say, ” Okay, I am really good at this because I finally got my big break.” Continue to study the craft and read. Reading is very important for all writers.

My writing progress


Must we really go there? What had happened was… Okay, I’m going to tell the truth. Working this stupid job, has made me not want to write when I get home. I know, shame on you, Krystol! Trust me. I get it. I’m going to do better. When I get off, I just want to sleep or relax. But, I have a book to finish and a screenplay that I started. The screenplay is actually really good, but the book is getting on my nerves big time. I mean, in my mind, I have written the book already. It’s just hard to get it out right now. I have no clue what’s going on. But, my mentor said, ” If you don’t feel like writing, don’t.” So, I haven’t. At least on that book.  School starts tomorrow officially and I am really ready and excited about it. I have looked at my work already, but I am unable to print yet. I’m waiting for a USB cord to come in the mail and then I can print. But, I looked at it and it seems okay for now. It’s a lot of reading, which I am going to MAKE myself do. Sometimes when I’m told to read something,I just skim through it and then put it down. Reading is fun when it is something that interests me. Dry textbooks are NOT in the vocabulary, but I have to make it be. I’m reading this book that my friend got me and it has a section on being a better reader and wrier. Guys, if you don’t have this book, please get you a copy.


This book is a god send so far. I skip chapters, and read the ones that are for what I need right now. I mean, it is 750 pages. It has text book print to it and exercises at the end of each chapter. I’m on chapter 2: Strategies for Successful Reading. I’m telling you, I am learning how to read articles and stuff more.  According to the book, it’s about key words. Everything doesn’t need to be read word for word, but the title gives you great deal about what the article is about and skimming helps. LOL,… But, me, I read it all. One thing that I am going to start doing now that I am back in school is to take notes on what I’m reading. I’m usually not a notetaker, but I am going to start. Outlining chapters is good to do as well. It maybe a little tedious, but it will help retain memory.  So, that is all that I have for now. I will blog again in the middle of the week. Thanks again for your support of being a subscriber, a fellow reader ( if you are) and liking my posts! I appreciate you!  My next few blogs will be about PhD life! I am more than excited!

My new books!

Hey guys! I am really trying to get into reading more. Maybe because school starts on Tuesday and I will be reading a lot of dry books and articles. Well, maybe not. Psychology is very interesting to me. But, I am currently reading ” The Alchemist” by Paulo Cohelo. So far it’s a REALLY good book. But, check out what else I got. Have you guys read the other books? I have read Diary of Ann Frank, but I had to get it again. Let me know! 


New books

Getting back into it!

Good afternoon, readers! 

good afternoon

Thanks so much for being patient with me. This job is something else. I pray a better one comes through sooner or later. Anyway, I am going to be working on my newest screenplay, Jordan, that I have to write over. I’m not as upset about it because I have some new things that I want to add to it. I’m still in Act 1 though. I am very excited about it.

OMG!!! I’m SO excited! 


Guys, school start next tuesday! Yay!! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to go back to school. I must say that I’m super nervous because I have to read and write lots of papers again. It’s only been a year since I graduated with my Masters. You would think I had this school thing down. But, I’m ready! I have my books, pens, and I’m getting a printer tomorrow. I’m going for my PhD in Psychology. I would LOVE to be a researcher or teacher. I think it will be very fun learning about why things work the way they do. Especially, the brain! I mean, I have friends with different disorders such as ADD, Bipolar, and more. It’s interesting to me to see how the brain works. I am NOT looking forward to my dissertation though. I mean I’m thinking about two different topics, but I need to narrow it down. What do you think?

1. How creative writing can help employees who may suffer from burnout.

2. Students with bipolar can still be successful students.


It’s something in that nature. I have to re-word it and play with it a bit. But, I am ready to go! This is going to be a fun, yet challenging 3 years!


Look what I got! 


Thanks to my friend Danielle! This book is added to my collection of other books ! I want to start reading sections of this book soon. Lord knows there is not enough of reading on writing can a writer can do. Has anyone read or heard about this book? I haven’t heard about it at all until my friend told me about it.  What I like about it is that it gives you strategies for reading too. Lord knows, I need that! Ha! Thanks everyone again for the support with my blog! I truly appreciate it.

Finally, I can breathe!

Good afternoon readers, 


What a crazy few days! I tell you, working in retail is a pain. They give you these crazy hours ( which are not enough) and I haven’t written a thing! I have articles to write and more. But, I get these two days off so I will truly make use of my time. So, readers, what has been going on? My email is filled with MANY blogs that I have gotten overwhelmed. Im going to try and get through them all. If I’m not able to comment, I will at least like your blog. To my new subscribers, THANK YOU so much! I truly appreciate it.

Some good news…


I have sent my award-winning screenplay, ” If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It” to a friend of Leonardo DiCaprio, who is also a great actor. He’s agreed to read it, so we will see how that goes. Also, a producer from LA is interested in my screenplay, but he has not sent me his email address. I know that sounds funny, but we have a rapport, but I can’t even find it myself–some relationship, huh? LOL…. I will get it and send the script to him as well. Hey, when one door closes another surely opens. In other news, I have been applying for tons of jobs today. Retail is not for me at all. Well, at least the pay isn’t for me. I love the people and the customers, but standing all day just to make $8 an hour is craziness. I don’t even get 40 hours a week! Eeekk!! What kind of bills can I pay with that? Well, I can pay my cell phone, but I am going to be moving in October, so I have to get to saving. To make more money, I have started doing some PR for people. Just keeping their sites updated, promoting their work, and booking them for radio shows, etc.

Readers, what is going on with you? 


How have you guys been? Tell me the latest news with you good and bad–if you care to share. Any great news. Did one of my writer friends get a deal or a movie offer? Hey, it can happen and I hope it did for you! Remember to keep writing and there is light at the end of the tunnel. I need to keep telling myself the same thing. I will be working on my days off work. I notice that once I am off work all I want to do is sleep. The hours are crazy and I need to buy some good shoes. That’s mainly the thing. Let me know in the comments, what has been going on? Thanks for all of your support!

Work is kicking my behind!

Hey guys! I am so sorry, I haven’t blogged in a few days. Work is kicking my butt and I hate it. I haven’t been writing or anything working these crazy hours with little pay. But, I am grateful. i will have a real blog post for you on Saturday. Thanks for the support and I hope that you are having a great week!! Keep writing because I have not been. I’m so OVER this job. But, a change is coming to come sooner or later.