Last Day of Summer

Good morning, readers! 

Good morning

I can’t believe that today is the last of summer. My summer went okay. I didn’t leave the state or go to beach. Luckily, beaches don’t move, so I will have a chance to go there next year. As I am reflecting on my life today, I notice that I have done some pretty great things! I know it may seem that I complain a lot, but I guess I just expecting to be in a different place at this time in my life. I’m turning 30 in December and yet, I’m like, ” Where has the time gone? I thought I would be doing more or have done more in my life by now?” When I was 18, I had a plan. My plan was to go to college ( I did), meet the man of my dreams, get married, have kids and have a successful career. Those are all still works in progress. I look at my friends that I went to high school with and see that most of them have achieved this and more.  Now, don’t get me wrong, being married and having kids is not the way to be happy with yourself. Not that I’m not happy with me, I just thought my life would be better than what it is. I’m living with my dad, working a job that I tolerate with the same pay I was making when I was 16. I’m slowly reaching my boiling point. But, I am grateful to have a roof over my head even if it isn’t mine, now able to pay my cell phone bill, and I can write. I haven’t been writing since working in retail, because retail in a pain in the ass! Yes, I said it. My feet constantly hurts, and I just bought new shoes. Through it all, I smile and realize that my life turned out this way for a reason. It will get greater, later. I don’t think that anyone’s life goes according to their plan that they had set for them. I mean, I didn’t even plan to EVER go to college, but I’m now going to school for my PhD. Who knew?

My reading in progress 


This book is really good so far. I’m on page 30 thus far and yet I can relate to the boy that is talked about in this book. Without giving any spoilers, I will say that the boy is going on a journey and he must decide his own fate with some obstacles that come in the way. Doesn’t that sound like us? For every decision that we make in life, it will either benefit us or make us learn a lesson. I don’t think that anyone is perfect, no matter what they may claim to be. Life is just a merry go around that will keep spinning whether you decide to get off of it or stay on it. Cool analogy, huh? As writers, we have to decide if we are getting off or staying on. If we get off, we can always get back on it another time and if we stay on, we have to keep writing, keep getting rejection, get accepted, and prosper. Whatever is going to happen, is what it will be. We can’t worry about things that are out of control, nor can we wait for that moment in our life to truly say, ” Okay, I am really good at this because I finally got my big break.” Continue to study the craft and read. Reading is very important for all writers.

My writing progress


Must we really go there? What had happened was… Okay, I’m going to tell the truth. Working this stupid job, has made me not want to write when I get home. I know, shame on you, Krystol! Trust me. I get it. I’m going to do better. When I get off, I just want to sleep or relax. But, I have a book to finish and a screenplay that I started. The screenplay is actually really good, but the book is getting on my nerves big time. I mean, in my mind, I have written the book already. It’s just hard to get it out right now. I have no clue what’s going on. But, my mentor said, ” If you don’t feel like writing, don’t.” So, I haven’t. At least on that book.  School starts tomorrow officially and I am really ready and excited about it. I have looked at my work already, but I am unable to print yet. I’m waiting for a USB cord to come in the mail and then I can print. But, I looked at it and it seems okay for now. It’s a lot of reading, which I am going to MAKE myself do. Sometimes when I’m told to read something,I just skim through it and then put it down. Reading is fun when it is something that interests me. Dry textbooks are NOT in the vocabulary, but I have to make it be. I’m reading this book that my friend got me and it has a section on being a better reader and wrier. Guys, if you don’t have this book, please get you a copy.


This book is a god send so far. I skip chapters, and read the ones that are for what I need right now. I mean, it is 750 pages. It has text book print to it and exercises at the end of each chapter. I’m on chapter 2: Strategies for Successful Reading. I’m telling you, I am learning how to read articles and stuff more.  According to the book, it’s about key words. Everything doesn’t need to be read word for word, but the title gives you great deal about what the article is about and skimming helps. LOL,… But, me, I read it all. One thing that I am going to start doing now that I am back in school is to take notes on what I’m reading. I’m usually not a notetaker, but I am going to start. Outlining chapters is good to do as well. It maybe a little tedious, but it will help retain memory.  So, that is all that I have for now. I will blog again in the middle of the week. Thanks again for your support of being a subscriber, a fellow reader ( if you are) and liking my posts! I appreciate you!  My next few blogs will be about PhD life! I am more than excited!

My new books!

Hey guys! I am really trying to get into reading more. Maybe because school starts on Tuesday and I will be reading a lot of dry books and articles. Well, maybe not. Psychology is very interesting to me. But, I am currently reading ” The Alchemist” by Paulo Cohelo. So far it’s a REALLY good book. But, check out what else I got. Have you guys read the other books? I have read Diary of Ann Frank, but I had to get it again. Let me know! 


New books

Getting back into it!

Good afternoon, readers! 

good afternoon

Thanks so much for being patient with me. This job is something else. I pray a better one comes through sooner or later. Anyway, I am going to be working on my newest screenplay, Jordan, that I have to write over. I’m not as upset about it because I have some new things that I want to add to it. I’m still in Act 1 though. I am very excited about it.

OMG!!! I’m SO excited! 


Guys, school start next tuesday! Yay!! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to go back to school. I must say that I’m super nervous because I have to read and write lots of papers again. It’s only been a year since I graduated with my Masters. You would think I had this school thing down. But, I’m ready! I have my books, pens, and I’m getting a printer tomorrow. I’m going for my PhD in Psychology. I would LOVE to be a researcher or teacher. I think it will be very fun learning about why things work the way they do. Especially, the brain! I mean, I have friends with different disorders such as ADD, Bipolar, and more. It’s interesting to me to see how the brain works. I am NOT looking forward to my dissertation though. I mean I’m thinking about two different topics, but I need to narrow it down. What do you think?

1. How creative writing can help employees who may suffer from burnout.

2. Students with bipolar can still be successful students.


It’s something in that nature. I have to re-word it and play with it a bit. But, I am ready to go! This is going to be a fun, yet challenging 3 years!


Look what I got! 


Thanks to my friend Danielle! This book is added to my collection of other books ! I want to start reading sections of this book soon. Lord knows there is not enough of reading on writing can a writer can do. Has anyone read or heard about this book? I haven’t heard about it at all until my friend told me about it.  What I like about it is that it gives you strategies for reading too. Lord knows, I need that! Ha! Thanks everyone again for the support with my blog! I truly appreciate it.

Finally, I can breathe!

Good afternoon readers, 


What a crazy few days! I tell you, working in retail is a pain. They give you these crazy hours ( which are not enough) and I haven’t written a thing! I have articles to write and more. But, I get these two days off so I will truly make use of my time. So, readers, what has been going on? My email is filled with MANY blogs that I have gotten overwhelmed. Im going to try and get through them all. If I’m not able to comment, I will at least like your blog. To my new subscribers, THANK YOU so much! I truly appreciate it.

Some good news…


I have sent my award-winning screenplay, ” If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It” to a friend of Leonardo DiCaprio, who is also a great actor. He’s agreed to read it, so we will see how that goes. Also, a producer from LA is interested in my screenplay, but he has not sent me his email address. I know that sounds funny, but we have a rapport, but I can’t even find it myself–some relationship, huh? LOL…. I will get it and send the script to him as well. Hey, when one door closes another surely opens. In other news, I have been applying for tons of jobs today. Retail is not for me at all. Well, at least the pay isn’t for me. I love the people and the customers, but standing all day just to make $8 an hour is craziness. I don’t even get 40 hours a week! Eeekk!! What kind of bills can I pay with that? Well, I can pay my cell phone, but I am going to be moving in October, so I have to get to saving. To make more money, I have started doing some PR for people. Just keeping their sites updated, promoting their work, and booking them for radio shows, etc.

Readers, what is going on with you? 


How have you guys been? Tell me the latest news with you good and bad–if you care to share. Any great news. Did one of my writer friends get a deal or a movie offer? Hey, it can happen and I hope it did for you! Remember to keep writing and there is light at the end of the tunnel. I need to keep telling myself the same thing. I will be working on my days off work. I notice that once I am off work all I want to do is sleep. The hours are crazy and I need to buy some good shoes. That’s mainly the thing. Let me know in the comments, what has been going on? Thanks for all of your support!

Work is kicking my behind!

Hey guys! I am so sorry, I haven’t blogged in a few days. Work is kicking my butt and I hate it. I haven’t been writing or anything working these crazy hours with little pay. But, I am grateful. i will have a real blog post for you on Saturday. Thanks for the support and I hope that you are having a great week!! Keep writing because I have not been. I’m so OVER this job. But, a change is coming to come sooner or later. 

Well, I’ll be damned. Paint me yellow and call me a cab!

Good afternoon, readers! 

good afternoon

I hope that everyone is having a fabulous thursday! Me, on the other hand, it’s just going. I’m trying to smile to keep from crying. Don’t worry, I’m okay. At least I am physically and mentally. But, emotionally and internally I have  taking yet another blow to the heart. Yes, you guessed it, I didn’t make it to the quarterfinals of yet ANOTHER screenwriting contest. This one was Scriptapoolza TV. I entered a reality show treatment into this one. I just knew that I had it in the bag. I guess not! This is how I feel right now.


If you look closely you will see my head banging against that wall. Well, picture a black woman with glasses in the picture. LOL… Results were suppose to come out tomorrow, but I guess they decided to be gracious and tell me that I didn’t make it a day earlier. Granted this was my first year entering screenwriting contests and I have only won one. It was the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival and I swear IT was a joke. The entry was free ( for a limited time) at the time and I entered two screenplays, ” If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It and ” Coming Out Of The Dark”. Months later, both screenplays were in the finals which is a great thing. However, when me and the  other person won the contests, we only got recognition via Facebook and Twitter. The website stated that winners would receive cash, prizes and more. We got NOTHING. But, I do have the recognition that I won. That is what I will use as my certificate.

When writers get the boot…

Write as if your life

This is an upsetting feeling. But, I won’t harp on it. I’m glad that the winners who did win, will have their lives changed for the better. It will happen for me. When, I have no clue. I will say, that one thing about me, I am not a quitter! Quitting is not in my vocabulary. I am very persistent. Okay, enough of the sob stuff, my next plan of action is to continue to write killer screenplays and books! I am so determined more than ever to make it as a successful writer.  The best thing to do when you didn’t meet your goal or win a contest is to keep writing! If you can write more than ever.

Getting ready for school…


I can’t express enough how excited I am to be starting school on Sept.2nd. It is going to be so fun!! For those that don’t know I am going for my PhD in Psychology. When I tell people what I am going to school for, they are impressed, but wonder why i am not working a really good job. I smile and inside I wonder the same thing, lol. The economy is all that I can say. I know that I will be getting a good job soon. I am most excited about learning more about psychology. I always passed all of my psychology classes with A’s. Learning about the way the mind works has always been fascinating to me. I am NOT looking forward to writing my dissertation. Well, I can’t really say that because it maybe fun to research and find information on something. I don’t know my topic yet, but I have an idea. I do know that I want to do a qualitative study and not a quantitative study though. My topics to pick from are 1. How creative writing can help with burnout at work or 2. How bipolar students can live the normal college life. I need to work on them to make it more fitting. I am very excited to learn. Now, I will be staying up late night getting work done. This excites me, but I don’t want to be stressed out with work either. If I get the teaching job like I hope I do ( or just work at a school period) I don’t want work to effect my school work. I will work really hard so that it doesn’t happen.  I am so excited for this milestone in my life. PhD here I come!

Procrastination is NOT my friend!

Good morning, readers! 

Good morning

I swear I have been such a loof since I started work at Target. I have not been writing and I am been coming home and going right to sleep. I forgot how retail can wear and tear on your body. My body aches from standing and I am always SO tired. Which is a result to me not writing my novel. It sounded good that I was going to have my book done last Sunday. Who was I kidding. Honestly, I am excited to hear about this new job that I have been procrastinating. It’s going to be really hard if I do get the job to be able to stay on a strict schedule. Truthfully, I have always had issues with time maintenance, but I manage to get it all done and in a timely manner. If that makes sense?

My mood…


My mood has been good. I am trying to get prepared in my mind that I’m moving in October. I have to find a place and get that stuff straightened out. Plus, I have to save my money and all that good stuff. This part seems hard when I’m not making enough. Let’s not forget about school that starts Sept. 2nd. Yes, I am excited and nervous. I pray that I pass everything the first time around! I will study real hard. I tell you life happens sometimes when you can be very overwhelmed. I think I am on the verge of being overwhelmed. I really want this teaching job, but they haven’t called me back yet as they said they were. I was told that I was for sure going to be hired, but I don’t know for what position yet. They don’t either. So, of course, I don’t put all my eggs in one basket. I am still applying for more jobs. i did have a interview with Starbucks recently, so I am waiting to hear back from them. Basically it is just a waiting game. Which I might say is a BORING, lol.

Finishing the story…


No matter who busy we get in life, we must always finish the story that is being told. Whether we are writing or reading it. It’s always important to get it done. It will keep us sane, make us feel a little bit more normal and on top of our game! I watched a snippet of screenwriters in a coffee shop writing their screenplays. One of the writers said, ” I want to be a successful screenwriter because my family thinks I should be working a normal 9-5. I have to keep trying because this has to work.”  I could feel where she was coming from because I was unemployed for a year before I started working at Target. Making $8 an hour is not a lot of money at all. But, it’s better than no money, so I am grateful. It is just a stepping stone for me. Writers, whether you work while writing or writing is your only job, do it to the best of your ability. Stay strong. The crying late at night, the wanting to give up and say f* it, the late nights raising the electric bill that you don’t pay for, will ALL pay off in the end. Just keep on keeping on!

I’m Speechless

Morning, Readers! 


What was suppose to be a post about writing, is now a sad post. While I was working yesterday, I sat in the break room and watched the news. It saddened my heart to know that Robin Williams had taken his life. I knew he suffered from depression and alcoholism, but wow, this news is tragic. He was definitely a great actor. My favorite movies were Hook and Ms. Doubtfire. Robin Williams was a funny guy and the impressions he did were great. Most of all, I feel bad for his wife. I know she must be going through it right now. It’s always hard to loose someone that you loved.  His memory will still live on through his movies. We have lost yet, another great actor. I hope this is it of people dying for a while.


What’s your favorite Robin Williams movie?


Man oh man !

Good evening readers!

Good evening

I am so sorry that I didn’t blog yesterday. I have been so tired. With work and trying to get ready for school it’s very tiring. Although I am going to school online, I still want to get some supplies. You know, notebooks, pens, and plenty of binders. Plus, I start a new job on the 25th, probably as a computer teacher of grades K-5th. I am nervous, but excited at the same time.  My residency is booked for school and all is well right now. I just have to book my train ticket. I will do that soon.

But, i am so excited for the new journey that I am going to go on. I may be doing a blog once a week now instead of every day. With school, a new job and about to move in October, I know not going to have time to blog as much. Sorry guys! But, I will still be around.  I also wanted to mention  that i am subscribed to SO many blogs. I do not read them daily or often. I am sorry if i don’t comment on all of them or even like the blogs. There is just so many and it’s time consuming.

To all the teachers out there that read this any advice for a first timer? I must say I am every excited to meet my new babies! Thanks and have a good rest of the evening. I have to get ready to get my hair done. Busy day tomorrow then I have to go to work. Talk to you tomorrow!


P. S. Lyrical Press passed on my manuscript. :(.


Wow!! Guest Post and more good news!

Good morning, readers! 


Man, I tell you, God is moving in my life. I have to tell you what happened to me yesterday. It was so bizarre!  How bizarre? Man, look at this!

I was talking to my friend on Facebook about how I wanted to get back into the school system. He is a teacher. I used to be a paraprofessional a few years ago. So, he gave a list of schools to apply for. Most of them I already applied for and saw. Then there was 1 I had not even heard of. I went on the website to apply and notice that I couldn’t. I mean, it had apply on it, but there was no link that connected. I ended up calling the number to the school and spoke to a nice lady. So, I called and inquired about the link to apply for the job. I was then asked to come if I could come in for an interview. Of course I said, ” Yes.”  I was so excited, I jumped for you like this:

Peppa Pig

I got their and was interviewed for 2 hours! It was a great experience. I was then offered 3 job positions! They offered me to teach technology( computers) to the kids! But, I find out soon what position I will actually be hired for. Then, a couple hours later, I was called about a manager position at Starbucks! Wow….the blessings are really pouring in!


My guest post 

Every so often I guest post on my mentor’s page. I usually talk about film and stuff. Today, I am featured on there again and I love it! So if you want to learn and see examples about how to pitch your screenplay, here you go! It also talks about log lines as well! Check it out right here. This is a great post! If there are any producers and directors who read my blog, check out the log lines that are to my screenplays!  Thanks in advance.