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Krystol Published AuthorKrystol Diggs, the award winning published author & writer for multiple news & magazine outlets, has captured the attention of readers around the world with her thrilling & captivating stories of love, loss, and life.

Krystol, of The Krystol Meth(od) has written numerous books & screenplays, including “Through Her Eyes”, her first book published in 2008, and “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It”, a screenplay that won 2nd place in the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival Screenwriting Competition in 2014

You can find Krystol in 2015 getting her Ph.D in Psychology at Walden University, highlighting as a Reporter for CNN iReport and releasing another published book titled “Trapped”. More to come in 2015!


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My First Research Class

My Writing ProcessFor my Research Design and Methods class, I have 3 books to read. Mind you, I’m already working full-time as an account manager. But, what I like about that about is I get an hour for lunch so I can always study or do homework on my lunch break. I have already read the first chapter in one book and I LOVED it!! Learning about qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods designs is so interesting to me. Well, at least it is in this book. I’m not going to lie some books are DRY and BORING as ever. But this one is keeping my attention. I don’t know if it’s because I’m really excited about the class or what. I also have my residency to go to on Dec. 26 -30th so I’m really excited for that. Continue Reading…

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