Work is kicking my behind!

Hey guys! I am so sorry, I haven’t blogged in a few days. Work is kicking my butt and I hate it. I haven’t been writing or anything working these crazy hours with little pay. But, I am grateful. i will have a real blog post for you on Saturday. Thanks for the support and I hope that you are having a great week!! Keep writing because I have not been. I’m so OVER this job. But, a change is coming to come sooner or later. 

Well, I’ll be damned. Paint me yellow and call me a cab!

Good afternoon, readers! 

good afternoon

I hope that everyone is having a fabulous thursday! Me, on the other hand, it’s just going. I’m trying to smile to keep from crying. Don’t worry, I’m okay. At least I am physically and mentally. But, emotionally and internally I have  taking yet another blow to the heart. Yes, you guessed it, I didn’t make it to the quarterfinals of yet ANOTHER screenwriting contest. This one was Scriptapoolza TV. I entered a reality show treatment into this one. I just knew that I had it in the bag. I guess not! This is how I feel right now.


If you look closely you will see my head banging against that wall. Well, picture a black woman with glasses in the picture. LOL… Results were suppose to come out tomorrow, but I guess they decided to be gracious and tell me that I didn’t make it a day earlier. Granted this was my first year entering screenwriting contests and I have only won one. It was the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival and I swear IT was a joke. The entry was free ( for a limited time) at the time and I entered two screenplays, ” If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It and ” Coming Out Of The Dark”. Months later, both screenplays were in the finals which is a great thing. However, when me and the  other person won the contests, we only got recognition via Facebook and Twitter. The website stated that winners would receive cash, prizes and more. We got NOTHING. But, I do have the recognition that I won. That is what I will use as my certificate.

When writers get the boot…

Write as if your life

This is an upsetting feeling. But, I won’t harp on it. I’m glad that the winners who did win, will have their lives changed for the better. It will happen for me. When, I have no clue. I will say, that one thing about me, I am not a quitter! Quitting is not in my vocabulary. I am very persistent. Okay, enough of the sob stuff, my next plan of action is to continue to write killer screenplays and books! I am so determined more than ever to make it as a successful writer.  The best thing to do when you didn’t meet your goal or win a contest is to keep writing! If you can write more than ever.

Getting ready for school…


I can’t express enough how excited I am to be starting school on Sept.2nd. It is going to be so fun!! For those that don’t know I am going for my PhD in Psychology. When I tell people what I am going to school for, they are impressed, but wonder why i am not working a really good job. I smile and inside I wonder the same thing, lol. The economy is all that I can say. I know that I will be getting a good job soon. I am most excited about learning more about psychology. I always passed all of my psychology classes with A’s. Learning about the way the mind works has always been fascinating to me. I am NOT looking forward to writing my dissertation. Well, I can’t really say that because it maybe fun to research and find information on something. I don’t know my topic yet, but I have an idea. I do know that I want to do a qualitative study and not a quantitative study though. My topics to pick from are 1. How creative writing can help with burnout at work or 2. How bipolar students can live the normal college life. I need to work on them to make it more fitting. I am very excited to learn. Now, I will be staying up late night getting work done. This excites me, but I don’t want to be stressed out with work either. If I get the teaching job like I hope I do ( or just work at a school period) I don’t want work to effect my school work. I will work really hard so that it doesn’t happen.  I am so excited for this milestone in my life. PhD here I come!

Procrastination is NOT my friend!

Good morning, readers! 

Good morning

I swear I have been such a loof since I started work at Target. I have not been writing and I am been coming home and going right to sleep. I forgot how retail can wear and tear on your body. My body aches from standing and I am always SO tired. Which is a result to me not writing my novel. It sounded good that I was going to have my book done last Sunday. Who was I kidding. Honestly, I am excited to hear about this new job that I have been procrastinating. It’s going to be really hard if I do get the job to be able to stay on a strict schedule. Truthfully, I have always had issues with time maintenance, but I manage to get it all done and in a timely manner. If that makes sense?

My mood…


My mood has been good. I am trying to get prepared in my mind that I’m moving in October. I have to find a place and get that stuff straightened out. Plus, I have to save my money and all that good stuff. This part seems hard when I’m not making enough. Let’s not forget about school that starts Sept. 2nd. Yes, I am excited and nervous. I pray that I pass everything the first time around! I will study real hard. I tell you life happens sometimes when you can be very overwhelmed. I think I am on the verge of being overwhelmed. I really want this teaching job, but they haven’t called me back yet as they said they were. I was told that I was for sure going to be hired, but I don’t know for what position yet. They don’t either. So, of course, I don’t put all my eggs in one basket. I am still applying for more jobs. i did have a interview with Starbucks recently, so I am waiting to hear back from them. Basically it is just a waiting game. Which I might say is a BORING, lol.

Finishing the story…


No matter who busy we get in life, we must always finish the story that is being told. Whether we are writing or reading it. It’s always important to get it done. It will keep us sane, make us feel a little bit more normal and on top of our game! I watched a snippet of screenwriters in a coffee shop writing their screenplays. One of the writers said, ” I want to be a successful screenwriter because my family thinks I should be working a normal 9-5. I have to keep trying because this has to work.”  I could feel where she was coming from because I was unemployed for a year before I started working at Target. Making $8 an hour is not a lot of money at all. But, it’s better than no money, so I am grateful. It is just a stepping stone for me. Writers, whether you work while writing or writing is your only job, do it to the best of your ability. Stay strong. The crying late at night, the wanting to give up and say f* it, the late nights raising the electric bill that you don’t pay for, will ALL pay off in the end. Just keep on keeping on!

I’m Speechless

Morning, Readers! 


What was suppose to be a post about writing, is now a sad post. While I was working yesterday, I sat in the break room and watched the news. It saddened my heart to know that Robin Williams had taken his life. I knew he suffered from depression and alcoholism, but wow, this news is tragic. He was definitely a great actor. My favorite movies were Hook and Ms. Doubtfire. Robin Williams was a funny guy and the impressions he did were great. Most of all, I feel bad for his wife. I know she must be going through it right now. It’s always hard to loose someone that you loved.  His memory will still live on through his movies. We have lost yet, another great actor. I hope this is it of people dying for a while.


What’s your favorite Robin Williams movie?


Man oh man !

Good evening readers!

Good evening

I am so sorry that I didn’t blog yesterday. I have been so tired. With work and trying to get ready for school it’s very tiring. Although I am going to school online, I still want to get some supplies. You know, notebooks, pens, and plenty of binders. Plus, I start a new job on the 25th, probably as a computer teacher of grades K-5th. I am nervous, but excited at the same time.  My residency is booked for school and all is well right now. I just have to book my train ticket. I will do that soon.

But, i am so excited for the new journey that I am going to go on. I may be doing a blog once a week now instead of every day. With school, a new job and about to move in October, I know not going to have time to blog as much. Sorry guys! But, I will still be around.  I also wanted to mention  that i am subscribed to SO many blogs. I do not read them daily or often. I am sorry if i don’t comment on all of them or even like the blogs. There is just so many and it’s time consuming.

To all the teachers out there that read this any advice for a first timer? I must say I am every excited to meet my new babies! Thanks and have a good rest of the evening. I have to get ready to get my hair done. Busy day tomorrow then I have to go to work. Talk to you tomorrow!


P. S. Lyrical Press passed on my manuscript. :(.

Wow!! Guest Post and more good news!

Good morning, readers! 


Man, I tell you, God is moving in my life. I have to tell you what happened to me yesterday. It was so bizarre!  How bizarre? Man, look at this!

I was talking to my friend on Facebook about how I wanted to get back into the school system. He is a teacher. I used to be a paraprofessional a few years ago. So, he gave a list of schools to apply for. Most of them I already applied for and saw. Then there was 1 I had not even heard of. I went on the website to apply and notice that I couldn’t. I mean, it had apply on it, but there was no link that connected. I ended up calling the number to the school and spoke to a nice lady. So, I called and inquired about the link to apply for the job. I was then asked to come if I could come in for an interview. Of course I said, ” Yes.”  I was so excited, I jumped for you like this:

Peppa Pig

I got their and was interviewed for 2 hours! It was a great experience. I was then offered 3 job positions! They offered me to teach technology( computers) to the kids! But, I find out soon what position I will actually be hired for. Then, a couple hours later, I was called about a manager position at Starbucks! Wow….the blessings are really pouring in!


My guest post 

Every so often I guest post on my mentor’s page. I usually talk about film and stuff. Today, I am featured on there again and I love it! So if you want to learn and see examples about how to pitch your screenplay, here you go! It also talks about log lines as well! Check it out right here. This is a great post! If there are any producers and directors who read my blog, check out the log lines that are to my screenplays!  Thanks in advance.


Have I been out of work that long?

Good morning, readers! 

Good morning

Yesterday was my first day at a new job and I must say, ” Wow!” Have I been out of the working game that long. I work in retail and I swear I was only standing on my feet for like five hours and they were hurting SO bad. What is wrong with this picture? I mean, I am only 29, but come on. When I clocked out my feet were hurting so bad and I had sneakers on. LOL…all in all it was a good day. I just stay to myself and mind my business. You know? I notice there is a lot of drama where I work, but I here that drama appears everywhere in the work place.  But, I will say, while I was working I couldn’t help but to smile and think about my good news. Lyrical Press is interested in my book. This makes me very excited. I am almost finished the book. This really excites me. I don’t have to be at work until later this evening so I am going to be writing a lot today. Woohoo! This story is starting to get good as I tell it anyway.

My Progress…


I have now hit 20k! Yay!!! I just have 30 more to go and will have this book finished by Sunday. I know that’s a bit much, but I am on a time constraint. I must say, this has given me more motivation than ever to write. I have to leave Social Media alone all weekend so that I can focus and get this book completed. Then I will be starting another book too. I am more than thrilled! My momentum is up and I am ready to write. What motives you to write?  This morning, before I started to write this blog, I was looking at other blogs and saw how they were really long, and talked about a lot of different things in their lives that were going on. I like to expose somethings that I may be going through, but I just don’t want anyone to judge me or seem unprofessional. Is that wrong? Don’t get me wrong their blogs are very interesting.  Oh, for more good news, I won a giveaway for a book on Goodreads! This was my first time winning one on Goodreads. I have been kicking butt lately with the giveaways. I won 3 books recently from a giveaway and I’m waiting for one more. Now, if only I could have made it to the quarterfinals of Scriptapoolza yesterday, I would have been okay. But, I get it, I can’t win them all. I really wanted to make it through to that screenwriting contest. What makes it so bad was that they had the nerve to e-mail me and tell me that if I wasn’t on the list, my ride ” ends here”. Like, I don’t already know that!


I am still trying to get caught up on my reading. I just can’t read everyday for some reason. I have NO clue why. I think about reading and then when it comes time to doing it, nope, it doesn’t happen. It makes me mad because I used to be an avid reader too. I will start reading on my breaks at work. It’s hard though because I am so tired half of the time. But, I will use my time wisely to get things done. So, what has everyone been up to? I feel like I have been out of the loop. I am subscribed to so many blogs and I can not read all of them. It’s just so many, besides, I get over it real quick. It takes me 4 hours to read everyones blog and then decide if I want to comment or just ” like” it. I have weeded out the one that I won’t read. I don’t read blogs with book reviews because I may want to read the book. Some people who post book reviews put too many spoilers in it. But, I do like the blog, though. Day to day, I read the blogs that I started reading and read the others depending on the content. If something seems boring to me or I am not interested in, I won’t read it. I know that may sound harsh, but come on, bloggers do it ALL the time. For example, I can post this blog right now and after I post it, 3 people ( the same ones that do it all the time) will have liked my blog. Come on, you didn’t read it all. You just liked it, because you didn’t want to read it, the content your thing, or it’s just what you do. Hey, whatever works for you! I understand. Blogging is very time consuming and some bloggers are expected to have a certain number of views, comments, etc. I used to be like that, but not anymore. I love my loyal readers though. I try to provide fun and real content for you. A lot of things are from my perspective or something that  I have experienced when dealing with writing. So, what are your plans for this weekend?

What the hell!!??? Scriptapoolza, I didn’t make quarterfinals.

Good morning, readers. 


This is me right now. I’m a little pissed, but I can’t win them all. I feel like someone has taken my heart out and stomped it twice and then put it back inside of me. I didn’t make quarterfinals for scriptapoolza. I just knew my screenplay, ” I’ll Never Tell” would make it. But, it didn’t! I have pulled my hair and screamed in my pillow 5 times already.

Now for the good news…


Lyrical Press requested my manuscript!!! I am SO happy. I found out today while I was at work checking my e-mail. This is SO awesome! Finally, my shot. It’s a small start, but still a start none the less. Sorry this is short, but I am going to head to bed. I have a writing session early in the morning before I go to work! Talk to you on Thursday!! Writers, when one door closes, another one opens! Keep writing!



No matter what others think, ALWAYS see yourself as more!

As a writer, will you sell yourself? What are your limitations?

Good morning, readers! 

Good morning

I was on Facebook and reading a blog today about celebrities getting a book deal without writing a single sentence. This made writers go crazy! I, even had a few choice words. But, it makes you wonder, if you were a big name ( not even a writer) would you sell yourself for money? I know some people will say, but think about it, truly. As writers we want to get a great book deal and be considered one of the best, but what will we do to reach that goal? What if. for example, an agent says, ” I love your manuscript and I have a company that wants to buy it for $100,000.oo but you will only get 5% royalties and everything else will be done for you. Would you sell? Would you sell knowing you have no say in the cover, the editing process, even your name will be changed. Will you sell your baby that you worked so hard for?

My answer…


The offer would be very tempting, but I would want to negotiate somethings first. First, I would want to keep my name, work on the edits if I could or at least be apart of the process, and I’d want 20% of royalties instead of 5. I know that maybe asking too much, but why change my name? What is the point of giving me a pen name–especially if my name has already created a buzz in the writing world. Then again, $100,000.00 isn’t a lot of money. Sure, it’s more than what I have right now, but I don’t know if I can be bought like that. It would have to depend on how I REALLY feel about the book. If I come with these demands, I may have talked myself out a deal. But, is that a bad thing? I’d hope in the future better offers would come, right?

Question: What do you think about celebs getting book deals? 


There has been a lot of talk about celebrities coming out with book deals and making a ton of money. Personally, I don’t think writing should be all about the money, but if these celebs hired a ghostwriter, that makes me mad. It’s not fair for us real writers who want a nice deal, be swept under the rug. Why are these non-writer celebrities getting deals when they don’t even know what ‘ their” book is about? Oh yea, because of their name. Their name holds weight, and publishing companies make a lot of money off of them. What a load of BULL! Excuse my language, but it’s frustrating to not be able to fully grow as a writer and want the best for yourself by working damn hard and someone else who has money and get it with a snap of a finger. This is why authors go the indie route. They are so discouraged by not being able to get picked up or don’t like the rejections and hassle of trying to find an agent ( I’ve been looking for over a year and no luck) is tiresome. I have self-published all of my books for a few years and I want to try to get signed with someone decent. But, that seems almost impossible these days.


In the comment box below, tell me, what are your thoughts?

Why is it so hard to choose names for your characters?

Good morning, Readers! 


I hope everyone is having a happy Monday! I was thinking of another book idea and I noticed that I had a hard time picking names for my characters. As a writer, do you struggle with names? I try to give my character an ethnicity and try to pick names that I think will go with the character. This is sometimes a daunting thing to grasp. I can’t start any story without the names. What process do you take to get started?

My process for names…

My writing Process


First, I decide the kind of genre that I want to write in. I think of the storyline. What can fit? What sounds good, what does not? Then, I start to think of names that match each other well. While I am doing this, I have to figure out the nationality of my characters also which is a pain. The one thing that I don’t want is for people to see a different name and categorize it into a genre just because of a name or title. You know? I have had this happen often and I feel it’s very stereotypical. It’s sad that people judge books based on their cover and title. Like, for example, if I have a black person on my cover, it’s automatically viewed as Street Lit. I have been asked many times if the book was street lit. So, I am making my covers a little softer and to the point of the storyline.




I love when my characters are relatable to real life events and people. If my readers can say that they can relate to a situation or a personality, then I am a great writer! In my opinion that is what being a good writer is all about. If they can picture themselves there in that moment with the character, then you are doing something right. I will write some characters that people don’t believe in–and that’s okay, but for the most part it will still be a good read. Also, you will have some readers that just don’t like what you write. As a writer, we can’t please everyone. My mentor told me in the beginning of my writing career, she said, ” Write the story that YOU would want to read.”  I have doing just that ever since. If you write to please someone or a company, at the end of the day, YOU won’t be happy with the product. Whether you have good or bad characters, write about them to the best of your ability!

Tips for writing good characters…


The development of a character is a very detailed process, and one that requires a lot of thought. According to Candace Schaefer and Rick Diamond (The Creative Writer. Addison-Wesley, 1998), you should consider many factors when introducing a character to readers. All of the kinds of details mentioned below are necessary to fully develop a character because each of them reveals a different part of the character’s appearance or personality and gives background about that character’s traits.

Physical Details about the character: Is he/she short, tall, thin, old, etc?
Physical environment surrounding the character: Is he/she on a desert island, in an urban community, living in the mountains, etc?
The other characters surrounding the character: What kinds of people does the character associate with?
The things that the character does: Does he/she go to school, fly an airplane, eat pizza every night for dinner, etc?
The things that the character says or thinks: These things reveal the character’s feelings and opinions about things.

When writing characters, it’s easy to get so much into them that you put pieces of yourself in your characters. Is this a good idea? Sure, why not? After all, characters have some sort of part of us in them,right? If not you, you got them from someone that you know. I know I always use characters as apart of someone that I know. Maybe not their full personality, but if it’s something that they say, I will use it. I think that part of a character can be hilarious. For example, my father is a jokester. He is stupid funny. He always makes me laugh. I am going to make his personality a character in one of my future books.  As long as you make character appear to be a real person you are golden!! Happy writing! Question: How do you figure out your characters? Answer in the comments below.